GUIDE: Install OpenShift 4 — The Easy Way — Part 1

Craig Robinson
5 min readApr 23, 2021

This guide will show by example how to install a three-node OCP 4.7 cluster using the assisted installer. All three nodes are assigned both the master and worker roles. This install method removes the need for a local DNS server, load balancer, and dedicated bootstrap node. Instead, we will use public DNS, VRRP, while the installer re-provisions the bootstrap node into our third master node.

Network Layout:

Setup DNS:

Instead of using or setting up a local DNS server this guide will use public DNS. The domain in this example and the DNS records are modified through the NameCheap dashboard. The two IP addresses chosen for the virtual IPs are out of the DHCP range and not currently in use in my network ( and .31). The cluster name is my example is “lab”.

Add “A Records” for both api.<clustername>.<domainname> and *.apps.<clustername>.<domainname>

Login to

Browse to, and open the OpenShift Cluster Manager.

If you do not have an account, you can register for a free developer account at This will allow you to provision an OCP Cluster for a 60-day trial period.

Create the cluster:

Click on Datacenter, and “Create Cluster” below Assisted Installer.

Craig Robinson